Listen to Counting Crows new covers album: "Underwater Sunshine". Due for release 4/10/12

The crows new cd: "Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings" is out TODAY! If you order from I-Tunes, you will get special bonus tracks. There is also a special track by track interview video that you can purchase there as well.

Personal note: The new album is, without a doubt, one of the best things they have ever done. A true masterpiece. They continue the story of who they are with this latest chapter.

It excudes them and what they're about. Which is great songwriting, great musicianship and continued longevity in a fickle industry that could have picked them off years ago like so many others.

They'll still come around..and we'll still come around to see them whenever they do.


The new single for
"You Can't Count On Me" from their upcoming album"Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings" is now available. Also Available @ (I-Tunes)

Click for lyrics


See your way over to the official and get a sneak peek at the artwork for the upcoming album and ALSO download the digital 45 (for free!) that includes two new songs from the album, "Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings" - Due March 25th, 2008


ummmmm what?

Also, annabegins.com celebrates its 10 year anniversary this month. The site was originally launched in August of 1997 and has been here (and purple) ever since.  Many thanks to the band and the people who frequent the site.

Coooool. Crows are re-releasing August, with a bunch of demo songs and a live cd of a show recorded in Paris, 1994. It will be released 9/18/07, but you can pre-order it now through amazon. Click for track details.


Crows did a new song from their forthcoming album, titled "Cowboys". Head over to youtube to see a video someone (not me) posted there. Here are the lyrics.

Also a small reminder that concert reviews are open for submissions.


Head over to Tyrannosaurus Records and pick up a copy of "The Himalayans - "She likes the weather". It's been re-mastered and re-released (4/12). While your there, check out "Down The Rabbit Hole" - Adams picks (and other assorted crap)". It's his new E-zine where he lists and reviews his personal recommendations for music, movies and books.


Check out Adam's new record label - Tyrannosaurus Records. (say that ten times fast). It's pretty cool, he lends his vocals to the track "Stranger" by Notar, which can be heard on the website.

Counting Crows Youtube Channel:

Looking for the shirt Adam is wearing in the YCCOM video?

For the latest news visit the official site.


(SN&SM Lyrics coming soon!)

Counting Crows New Releases

Saturday Nights
& Sunday Mornings

August and Everything
After (Deluxe)

*New Amsterdam:
Live at Heineken Music Hall


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